Guided by veterinary oncologist and hematologist (and world renowned greyhound expert) Dr. Guillermo Couto, we provide much needed funds to approved and humane research studies.

At The Greyhound Health Initiative, we understand the importance of improving the health and wellbeing of sighthound breeds worldwide through continued clinical research and through sharing publications and educational materials to owners, trainers, adopters, and veterinarians.

Spearheading GHI research efforts is our own Dr. Couto, the President of GHI and world-renown researcher. Dr. Couto, recently retired from the Oncology/Hematology Service at the Veterinary Medical Center at The Ohio State University (OSU), has been actively involved and dedicated to improving the health of sighthounds for over 35 years through his ground breaking research in Cytology, Clinical Pathology/Hematology, Oncology, Clinical Trials as they relate to Greyhound, Galgo, and Deerhounds.

Through the Sighthound Medicine and Surgery Center of Excellence, GHI and Dr. Couto will continue ongoing research projects with Dr. Carlos Alvarez (Nationwide Children’s Hospital-Columbus, OH), Dr. Elinor Karlsson (The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard-Cambridge, MA), and Dr. Matthew Breen (North Carolina State University-Raleigh, NC).

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GHI programs span from providing sighthound healthcare via a network of veterinarians who will participate in continuing sighthound-specific education (CEUs), Online diagnosis and consultation to owners and veterinarians, and setting up future blood banks and chemotherapy programs to offer life-saving assistance, to offering hope for greyhounds after career ending injuries through emergency care an orthopedic surgery. Interested in learning more about GHI’s education and sighthound healthcare or how you can help? Contact us today, or learn how you can become a member!

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