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Our team is made up of some of the most knowledgeable
and caring lovers of sighthounds we could hope to assemble.
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Our team is comprised of some of the most talented people in North America who are also arguably the most passionate about greyhounds and their sighthound cousins. Working remotely, we are spread out across the United States, but with the technology available today, that rarely slows us down. And we’re always looking for new talents, so if you are interested in seeing your name added to this list, feel free to send us a note (info@greyhoundhealthinitiative.org) or message us on Facebook and tell us why you are so passionate about helping the hounds.

Dr. Guillermo Couto, Founder & Advisor
Dr. Couto, internal medicine and oncology board-certified veterinarian recently retired from the Oncology/Hematology Service at the Veterinary Medical Center at The Ohio State University (OSU), has worked with Greyhounds and other sighthounds for over two decades, since adopting Clyde, his first hound, from the Wheeling racetrack. In 2004, Dr. Couto launched the OSU Greyhound Health and Wellness Program (OSUGHWP), creating an outreach and teaching effort that incorporated basic elements of shelter medicine.

Since then, Dr. Couto has been actively involved and dedicated to improving the health of sighthounds through education, and clinical research. To date, he has published more than 35 peer-reviewed articles on sighthound health. After his retirement from OSU, Dr. Couto helped establish the GHI to carry on the support and services provided by the OSUGHWP and to continue to improve sighthound health and education.

Mandy Albert, President   Mandy has worked as a Registered Veterinary Technician since 2004.  She has extensive knowledge of greyhound and sighthound medicine.  In June, 2016 Mandy joined The Greyhound Health Initiative to help start a canine blood bank.  She currently co-manages the blood bank with Courtney Kindler.  She attends conferences and pet events in order to educate and promote the blood bank and The Greyhound Health Initiative. Mandy is dedicated to educating veterinarians and technicians on transfusion medicine and blood banking, along with the differences in sighthound medicine. Mandy has been married to her husband since 1999 and has 2 children.  You will often see Mandy’s entire family volunteering at GHI events. Her animal household includes a 5 year old greyhound who she adopted from Team Greyhound, a bulldog rescue, a cat, chickens and a horse. 

Courtney Kindler, Secretary Courtney has been a registered veterinary technician since 2006.  She has worked at Riverside Drive Animal Care Center since then.  Courtney helped start The Greyhound Health Initiative Blood Bank in 2016.  Courtney has co-managed this blood bank and helped make it what it is today.  Over the years Courtney has volunteered her time with Team Greyhound Adoption of Ohio and has found many homes for greyhounds.  Courtney resides with her family including 4 greyhounds, two cavalier king charles and many chickens.

Trina Stumpf, Treasurer/Research Coordinator Trina has owned greyhounds for 16 years and currently owns four retired racing greyhounds (Cody, Lizzie, Bruce and BoBo) and one hound mix (Roxi).  She has volunteered with James River Greyhounds for 11 years and currently serves as the Adoption Coordinator/Vice President and has volunteered with The Greyhound Health Initiative for five years.  She resides in Richmond, Virginia and works as a Biomedical Research Administrator with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Blood Bank Staff
Mandy, Courtney, Molly, Nellie, Megan & Grace have over 50 years of cumulative experience as veterinary technicians and they put that knowledge to good use running the daily operations of our blood bank; from drawing blood to shipping orders and from negotiating with vendors to making sure our donor dogs are spoiled rotten every minute they’re in our care. They are the heart and soul of The Greyhound Health Initiative’s Blood Bank.

Freya Shoffner, Legal Counsel
A graduate of Mt. Holyoke College and Suffolk University, attorney Shoffner has been providing legal services to businesses and non-profit organizations for over 20 years.

Jo Blake, Great Britain Representative
Having lived, volunteered and/or worked with greyhounds virtually all of her adult life, Jo comes from a background in dog welfare charities working in operations, volunteer management, supporter relations and marketing. With a keen interest in canine rehabilitation therapies of all kinds, Jo spends much of her spare time practicing holistic therapies and currently lives with Sergio, a retired racing greyhound.


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