July is Sarcoma Awareness Month! The Greyhound Health Initiative is raising funds to both promote awareness of the different types of sarcomas, and to support research projects we think are both clinically relevant and that have shown positive early results. Your donations will directly support these education and research initiatives.
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Registration is now open for these events:

What’s New In Transfusion Medicine & Hematology in Dublin, OH
For veterinary professionals only (DVM’s and technicians). Light dinner included. CE Credits apply. Seminar presented by Dr. Guillermo Couto, DVM, DACVAA.
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The Greyhound Health Initiative™ Blood Bank provides a necessary service to the veterinary community while also providing an opportunity for us to both create a library of Greyhound blood samples to be used in future studies as well as to offset cost associated with running our other programs. Donors do not have to be Greyhounds!

If you are a vet in need of blood products, please call 1-800-416-5156 Xt. 1
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If you think your hound would make a good donor, please click here.