Initially focused on the retired racing Greyhound in the USA, The Greyhound Health Initiative is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of all Sighthound breeds around the world through research, education and outreach programs. By building awareness within the veterinary community of these breeds’ unusual physiological, hematological and cardiovascular characteristics we hope to promote collaboration, enhance skills and facilitate the exchange of knowledge for the best Sighthound health and veterinary practices.


​Animal blood banks are just as necessary as human blood banks, and for the same reasons. The Greyhound Health Initiative Blood Bank​ ​opened in June of 2016 and provides a much needed service for veterinarians nationwide who need blood products to perform lifesaving procedures. There are over 78 million dogs as pets in the US, yet with less than 25 animal blood banks in the country and strict blood testing and typing requirements, only a fraction of a percent have the opportunity to be blood donors. Our blood bank has produced well over a hundred bags of plasma and other blood products in our first year, each one of which has helped a dog in crisis. But we cannot keep up with demand and are in desperate need for more donors! Donors do not have to be Greyhounds!

If you are a vet in need of blood products, please call 1-800-416-5156 Xt. 1
or click here to see a price list.

If you think your hound would make a good donor, please click here.