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The Greyhound Health Initiative

We are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of sighthounds around the world ​by building awareness of ​their unusual ​medical​ characteristics​ ​within​ the​ veterinary​ and adoption communities through our education, outreach, and research programs. We hope to promote collaboration, enhance skills, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge for the best sighthound health and veterinary practices.

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Veterinarians can join a global ListServ dedicated to sighthound medicine by sending a request to GreytVets-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Blood Bank

Just like human doctors, veterinarians have to respond to emergency situations and illnesses where blood products can mean the difference between life and death. The Greyhound Health Initiative Blood Bank is committed to providing the life-saving products veterinarians need while educating both veterinarians and the public on the benefits of transfusion medicine in domestic dogs. It’s true that Greyhouhounds make the best blood donors for a variety of reasons, but any healthy dog over 50 lbs and between 1 and 7 years old is eligible to be a blood donor. Think your pooch has what it takes to be a hero? Find out more!

Veterinarians, need blood products for your clinic? Find out how to order.

Adoption groups! Interested in holding a blood drive? If you’re within three hours of Columbus, Ohio, have six to 10 potential donors that can meet every other month, and a location where we can work, then we can come to you! Call us today to discuss the details: 1-800-416-5156 x1.

If you would like to DONATE to the Corn Research PhD study, please click on this link*:  Donate to the Corn Research Study 

*This is just for a donation to the PhD corn study that we will be discussing at the symposium.  This link IS NOT for tickets to the Corn Symposium.  For tickets, click the BUY NOW button.


The GHI team hosted a virtual symposium on Saturday, 9/17/22, focusing on corns and flexor tendonectomy procedures, while also raising funds to support a PhD study investigating the long term impact on canine gait following tendonectomy treatment. If you missed the conference you can view the recording of GHI, Dr. Guillermo Couto, researchers from the University of Liverpool, and Dr. Mike Guilliard to understand more about their causes, latest treatment techniques, as well as helping to fund further research that will have a major impact on canine corn treatment worldwide.

Speakers are; Dr. Mike Guilliard, who first developed the flexor tenotomy/tendonectomy technique, as well as Dr. Karl Bates, biomechanics expert, and Mrs. Phillipa Williams/Professor Eithne Comerford, providing information on the treatment of corns, an overview of the proposed PhD project and early results investigating the long term outcome (>12 months) of corn treatment.

Click the button for tickets ($20/pc) to the recording of this symposium.  The recording should immediately be sent to you.  Any issues, please contact orders@greyhoundhealthinitiative.org

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