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We are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of sighthounds around the world ​by building awareness of ​their unusual ​medical​ characteristics​ ​within​ the​ veterinary​ and adoption communities through our education, outreach, and research programs. We hope to promote collaboration, enhance skills, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge for the best sighthound health and veterinary practices.

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Blood Bank

Just like human doctors, veterinarians have to respond to emergency situations and illnesses where blood products can mean the difference between life and death. The Greyhound Health Initiative Blood Bank is committed to providing the life-saving products veterinarians need while educating both veterinarians and the public on the benefits of transfusion medicine in domestic dogs. It’s true that Greyhouhounds make the best blood donors for a variety of reasons, but any healthy dog over 50 lbs and between 1 and 7 years old is eligible to be a blood donor. Think your pooch has what it takes to be a hero? Find out more!

Veterinarians, need blood products for your clinic? Find out how to order.

Adoption groups! Interested in holding a blood drive? If you’re within three hours of Columbus, Ohio, have six to 10 potential donors that can meet every other month, and a location where we can work, then we can come to you! Call us today to discuss the details: 1-800-416-5156 x1.

Health Updates


Those of you who have dogs that donate to the Blood Bank may have concerns about the coronavirus. We want to assure you that staff at Riverside Animal Care and our Blood Bank are taking the necessary precautions to sanitize the clinic multiple times daily with a fogger and continuously throughout the day with sanitation products. We ask that any client who is ill or has been recently traveling remain in their car and vet staff will only bring the pet inside. According to the CDC, “There is currently no evidence to suggest that companion animals, pets, or service animals can spread the novel coronavirus.”

If you would prefer to not walk into the building, please let us know either by email ahead of time or by calling 1-800-416-5156 x1 when you get here. Please make sure to have your form filled out ahead of time. We will try to make any accommodations necessary to make you feel comfortable bringing your pet in for donations. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Don’t forget the plasma!


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The Greyhound Health Initiative Corn Research Month Report

Glass vials full of swabs are arranged in a box to be shipped for research.

Prepping the vials to send to Norway for research.

August was Corn Research Month with GHI collaborating with Richard Doughty, DVM, and Frode Lingass, DVM, of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. The purpose of the research project is to help determine if there is a genetic link associated with the occurrence of paw pad corns.

GHI set a goal to raise $5,000 for the Corn Research program, and although we did not meet that amount, we came very close, and that is something that everyone who contributed should be proud! GHI is in the process of receiving and shipping approximately 200 swabs from greyhounds residing in the U.S. to test for the Corn Research Project in Norway.

We are currently still working on obtaining samples from the U.K., Germany, and Australia for inclusion in the testing. Hopefully, it will be possible to also test whippets and lurchers in the future. This is of special interest to Dr. Doughty as he has a whippet that suffers from corns.

GHI is still accepting donations for the Corn Research Project to help offset ongoing costs, future testing and to support Dr. Doughty and Dr. Lingaas (Head of Section for Genetics) in their work. There is a possibility that the scope of this research project may be extended to examine the bleeding phenotype while the research team has the DNA samples. This new aspect of the project is still in the preliminary planning stage though, which is why continued donations are critical to this Research.

As a special incentive, everyone who donated to this project had their name entered into a draw for a one-year GHI Hero membership. We are thrilled to announce that the winner is Judith Horton!

GHI would like to thank all donors and supporters of our ongoing mission to help sighthounds through education, outreach, and research programs. GHI would also like to thank Dr. Doughty and Dr. Lingaas for their unwavering drive and commitment. And a special thanks to our Vice President Trina Stumpf, who has taken on GHI’s role in this project with an unswerving dedication!

If you have questions regarding this project, email trina@greyhoundhealthinitiative.org.

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