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The Greyhound Health Initiativeā„¢ Blood Bank provides a necessary service to the veterinary community while also providing an opportunity for us to both create a library of
Greyhound blood samples to be used in future studies as well as to offset cost associated
with running other programs.

If you are a vet in need of blood products, please call 1-800-416-5156 Xt. 1
or click here to see a price list.

If you think your hound would make a good donor, please click here.




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    • Upcoming Events  On July 17th Dr. Couto will be speaking to local greyhound adoption groups in Cincinnati. See http://www.cincigreyhounds.org/ for details. Mor
    Greyt Escape

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    We at GHI recognize the need for a dedicated health organization for sighthounds and the importance of programs that address the unique needs of owners, trainers, adopters, and veterinarians that love and care for them.

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