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Share your stories of hope, inspiration,
and courage. Create a lasting memorial
for your 4- or 3-legged friend.

We want to hear your tales!

Welcome to the Greyhound Health Initiative’s Tails pages, where you can tell a tale about a tail. Stories are a powerful way to bring us closer together as individuals and as a community, so we want to hear yours.

Do you have a story about how Dr. Couto or GHI helped one of your furkids in the past? Or do you want to share a tale of strength, courage and love where one of your 4-legged family members faced an illness or other traumatic event? You can even share someone else’s tale if they are unable to do so (with their permission, of course).

You can use the “Survivor” link to tell the tale of your special hound that is still fighting, or has beaten an illness — this could be your opportunity to spread hope and encouragement to others facing the same issues.

Or you can create  a “Memorial” web page to commemorate the tale of one or more of your four-legged family members that have already crossed the Rainbow Bridge (all breeds are welcome – your tale does not have to be about a greyhound).

In either case, to help you tell their tale you can add pictures and then share your page with family and friends. They will be able to leave comments on your Tails page and even donate to The Greyhound Health Initiative in honor of your pup.*

Not a Greyhound Health Initiative member? No problem! These pages are free and open to the public so you can still create your own Tails pages. But if you are interested in joining us, our members enjoy discounts on consultations with Dr. Couto, pet insurance, certain medications, stays at pet-friendly hotels and more, plus they are the first to hear about advancements in sight hound health issues.

Note: New Tails pages must be approved by one of our admins before being posted to our site, so there may be a slight delay before you see your page.

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*Funds raised on the Tails pages will go to support The Greyhound Health Initiative’s education, research and other programs. These pages are not intended as fundraising for treatment of individual dogs. If you need assistance with the veterinary costs of ongoing treatment, please see the other wonderful organizations that specialize in that area on our Resources Page.

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