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Thank you all for your continued support! Together we can make a difference!

Friedman-French Foundation and Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies

It is safe to say that both the Friedman-French Foundation and Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies have had a huge influence on Dr. Couto’s work both at OSU and at The Greyhound Health Initiative. Their ongoing support has repeatedly allowed Dr. Couto to do research, create outreach programs, and help greyhounds in a way that he otherwise could only dream of. The Greyhound Health Initiative would not be where it is today without their generosity. They have a heart for giving and support many wonderful causes and organizations, and we are honored to be counted among them.

Greyhounds ROCK Fredericksburg

Greyhounds ROCK Fredericksburg (VA), a 501c(3) non-profit fundraising charity, was created to raise awareness and funds to support canine cancer research, to honor the dogs that are or have been affected by this disease, and to offer encouragement and education to the people who love them. Greyhounds Rock supported Dr. Couto’s research at Ohio State University for many years and is now supporting The Greyhound Health Initiative! They also support other greyt organizations like The Mosby Foundation, Magic Bullet Fund, and TriPawds. Numerous local owners have benefited from Greyhound Rock’s work to provide assistance to dogs in need, as well as their educational seminars on topics such as grief support, becoming a therapy dog team, and how to foster a homeless dog. Kim Fraser and the rest of the team have hearts of gold and really do ROCK!

The Sighthound Project

After photographing a few Ibizan Hounds (Oscar Goldman and his sisters) and Greyhounds (Bunny & Flattery of Tales and Tails) in 2015, Angel Sallade was hooked on sighthounds. Their physical form was a work of art to her. This was the start of The Sighthound Project. The concept was simple: capture as many Sighthound breeds as possible and show their beauty to the world. But as she learned more about each breed, the project became more of a mission. That mission is to raise awareness of not only of their beauty but also the story of their plight. Angel chose The Greyhound Health Initiative as the recipient of her mission’s fundraising efforts. We couldn’t be more humbled or honored. This is an ongoing fundraiser, so check in with The Sighthound Project often!

Skinny Hound Designs

Skinny Hound Designs has been donating all of our decals since day one. Suzie, Owner and Artist at the Skinny Hound studio also donates a great deal of her time processing incoming orders from our web store and lending her talents toward our marketing, merchandising and apparel, including having designed the Greyhound Health Initiative’s logo. She has been working with Dr. Couto since meeting him in 2005 when her first greyhound, Miss Nellie, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. She also designed the logo for the Greyhound Health and Wellness Program at OSU and provided illustrations for his PowerPoint slides. All said, she has been a great supporter for over a decade!

Greyhound Trust and Alliance

The Greyhound Trust and Alliance has been a long-time supporter of Dr. Couto’s work and we are deeply honored that they chose to continue that support as he transitioned to The Greyhound Health Initiative — they have actually been supporting GHI since before it even existed. Their annual event, the Greyt Escape, has been such a continued success that GHI started co-hosting it alongside The Sighthound Wellness Conference, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that has something for everyone. The entire team at GT&A is awesome and great to work with and Tina Kelly, who is both GT&A’s President and GHI’s Operations Director, keeps both teams working in harmony to ensure these events are world class. It is safe to say that The Greyhound Health Initiative would not be where we are right now without the Greyhound Trust and Alliance’s unwavering support dedication.

Greyhound Adoption of Greater Cincinnati

Every month Brenda Pennix at Greyhound Adoption of Greater Cincinnati makes a donation to GHI. These donations are in memory of the greyhounds their adoption group sent across the Rainbow Bridge the previous month. Each hound gets its own donation, so bigger donations mean the Bridge saw more traffic. Of course we are honored to be the recipient of their generosity, but it is truly with mixed emotions and is one of the few times we’re actually hoping for smaller donations. On July 17th, 2016 Brenda organized a Free conference for 150+ people to hear Dr. Couto speak about his favorite subject… greyhound health!

UPDATE 7/18/2016: We want to send a great big THANK YOU to Brenda Pennix and the Greyhound Adoption of Greater Cincinnati group for organizing this event. Not only did Dr. Couto and Brian have a great time hanging out with and talking to GAGC’s team, but between GAGC’s contribution, their members’ donations and apparel sales, we raised thousands of dollars for our research, outreach and education programs!!! We also want to thank The Great Wolf Lodge for their hospitality! What a beautiful facility!

Northcoast Greyhounds’ Memorial Heart Program

Cara and Jerry Brockhoff of Northcoast Greyhounds make quarterly donations to GHI from the sales of the Memorial Hearts Gifts on their website. Each gift bought represents a hound that crossed the Rainbow Bridge and each sale increases their donation to GHI. We sincerely appreciate those willing to support us, but it’s always difficult to receive these donations and one of the very few times we find ourselves hoping for a smaller check.

Hope For Hounds and 2 Hounds Design

Hope for Hounds is a Canadian foundation run by Janet Shaffer that raises money for cancer research in Greyhounds. Their fundraising efforts anchored by their annual Miss Nellie Auction have raised 10’s of thousands of dollars since 2005, all of which has gone to support Dr. Couto and his research. In 2014 Hope for Hounds chose The Greyhound Health Initiative as the charitable organization that would receive their donations! We couldn’t be more honored!

Every year Hope For Hounds commissions Alisha Navarro and her team at 2 Hounds Design to create a set of collars with the theme “Love. Hope. Believe.” and every year they donate the proceeds to cancer research in greyhounds. These collars are always fun and colorful and a must-have for anyone who’s greyhound has a collar addiction. Many thanks go out to Janet and Alisha!!!

Jingle Bell Walk (Dec. 2015)

Greyhound Adventures in Boston held their 11th annual Jingle Bell Walk in December 2015 as a fundraising walk around Boston Common in memory of hounds that have crossed the rainbow bridge. In 2015 they once again selected us, The Greyhound Health Initiative, as the recipients of their fundraising efforts! Please join me in thanking them for their generosity! Greyhound people ROCK!

Shelly and Bosely (Nov. 2014)

In 2014 Shelley Johnson lost her greyhound Bosley to lymphoma of the spleen. It all happened so fast, with mere days between diagnosis and Bosley’s trip to the Rainbow Bridge. Shelley’s best friends happen to be Morgan and Nicole from Royal Hound Designs, who considered Bosley their nephew; they would babysit him all the time and their three greyhounds and Bosley would have walks together, pool parties, etc. He was part of their family, too. In remembrance of Bosley and in honor of Shelley, Morgan and Nicole gave a portion of all November sales at Royal Hound Designs to The Greyhound Health Initiative! And we are honored to have become part of Bosley’s legacy.

Jingle Bell Walk (Dec. 2014)

Greyhound Adventures of Boston and Trail Bound Hounds held the 10th annual Jingle Bell Walk in December 2014 as a fundraising walk around Boston Common in memory of hounds that have crossed the rainbow bridge. Though the fundraising they do the rest of the year goes to help support their mission of providing post-adoption support for their members, in true Christmas spirit they donate the funds they raise from the Jingle Bell Walk to other organizations. In 2014 they selected us, The Greyhound Health Initiative, as the recipients of their efforts! Please join me in thanking them for their generosity!

Nittany Greyhounds

During the better part of 2014, as GHI was just getting started, word started to get out about what we planned to do… and people wanted to donate to us. The problem was, we were in no position to take donations. So Toni Duchi at Nittany Greyhounds graciously volunteered to accept donations on our behalf. Nittnay then made one huge donation to us once we were able to accept it. We owe them a huge thank you because they allowed us to get a head start on fundraising! Please join us in thanking them for their assistance! Nittany Greyhounds are absolutely awesome!

True North Greyhounds

The Retired from Racing, not from Life Art Book is an extension of True North Greyhounds (TNG). TNG is a Canadian non-profit organization which raises funds for various Greyhound related charities world-wide, including The Greyhound Health Initiative! Their mission is to create a happier and healthier future for greyhounds globally. These books are each comprised of unique art collections by many talented artists in the greyhound community. This is an on-going fundraiser and you can still purchase books here. They make great gifts!

Thank you for your support and for considering the addition of The Greyhound Health Initiative to your estate plan!

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