Member Benefits

Imagine being part of an organization that is dedicated to the well-being of Greyhounds and other sighthounds, that supports ground breaking clinical research projects with world renowned veterinarian and oncologist Dr. Guillermo Couto, that offers outreach from a variety of resources and provides education to veterinarians, owners, trainers, adopters, and adoption groups alike. We’ve got big plans coming up and we hope you’ll join us!

It’s easy, join The Greyhound Health Initiative today and enjoy the benefits of membership!

For owners, trainers, breeders

When you become a member of The Greyhound Health Initiative, you can enjoy discounts at pet-friendly hotels such as Red Roof Inn, savings on pet health insurance, discounts on consultations, free or discounted chemotherapy upon request*, discounted access to the annual Sighthound Health Conference (part of The Greyt Escape in August) as well as members-only education, newsletters, publications and more!

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For Veterinarians and Veterinary students

Whether you are a veterinarian student, solo practitioner or have a multi-veterinarian practice, membership in The Greyhound Health Initiative has its benefits! Veterinarians and students can enjoy access to clinical studies and published papers, can earn CE credits through the completion of online courses targeted specifically toward greyhounds in several areas of focus (project is currently awaiting funding), receive discounted access to our events (currently the annual Sighthound Health Conference in August and the North American Sighthound Health Conference in September), free or discounted chemotherapy upon request*, can contribute to a national greyhound health database for research (project is awaiting funding), and enjoy discounted consultation fees with Dr. Couto.

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*Free Medication for Members

Unfortunately, retired racing greyhounds are among the large breeds that are most likely to get osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Finding a cure is part of our mission, but while we work to find that cure we are offering our members free carboplatin and aminocaproic acid** each up to twice per year per member.

Because we are not a pharmacy we cannot actually distribute the medicine ourselves, so we will simply reimburse your vet/oncologist for the cost of these drugs. To receive full coverage we ask that they order the carboplatin from Amatheon Pharmaceuticals and the aminocaproic acid from Diamondback Drugs to help us control our costs. If they choose to use drugs from their own supplies or a different pharmacy, we will reimburse up to the current rates from these pharmacies.

**Carboplatin is the best drug for the treatment of osteosarcoma, and the only one we cover. Some vet’s like to use an alternating protocol of carboplatin and doxorubicin, but that is actually less effective in greyhounds. Aminocaproic acid is the generic form of Amicar that is recommended for use for 5 days starting with the amputation surgery to prevent the post-operative bleeding that is common in greyhounds.

Our motto is: Save a Greyhound so that he/she can save other dogs’ lives. Thank you for helping improve the health and well-being of sighthounds through your membership! Interested in learning more about the Initiative, our programs or in supporting the organization through donation? Contact us today!