In the Spotlight

We get gifts in many shapes and sizes, from large and small cash donations to greyhound-themed items to be auctioned and volunteers who donate their time and energy to support our mission. But nothing is quite as emotionally stirring as those giving a gift in memory of a hound that passed. There are two adoption groups on opposite sides of the country, that give The Greyhound Health Initiative these memorial gifts on a regular basis… all too frequently, as it means that many more of our furry friends have earned their wings.

Located in southern California (611 Ocean View Avenue, Encinitas CA 92024), Cara and Jerry Brockhoff of Northcoast Greyhounds make regular donations to GHI from the sales of the Memorial Hearts Gifts on their website. Each gift bought represents a hound that crossed the Rainbow Bridge and each sale increases their donation to GHI. We sincerely appreciate those willing to support us, but it’s always difficult to receive these donations and one of the very few times we find ourselves hoping for a smaller check.

On the other side of the country in Ohio (P.O. Box 54578 Cincinnati, Ohio 45254) every month Brenda Pennix at Greyhound Adoption of Greater Cincinnati sends a gift to GHI. These are in memory of the greyhounds their adoption group sent across the Rainbow Bridge the previous month. Each hound gets its own donation, so a bigger gift means the Bridge saw more traffic last month. Of course we are honored to be the recipient of their generosity, but it truly is with mixed emotions that we open that envelope every month.


Please join me in thanking them both for their generous support and for helping to keep the memory our our angel hounds alive.

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