GHI programs span from providing sighthound healthcare via a network of veterinarians.

With the increase in sighthound adoptions, veterinarians have been evaluating these breeds more frequently in their practices and have discovered that Sighthounds not only have physiological and pharmacological differences, but also that diseases in these breeds behave differently than in other dogs. As part of the GHI initiative we hope to promote collaboration, enhance skills, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge for best sighthound health and veterinary practices.

As members of GHI, greyhound owners and veterinarians will have access to online educational and extension programs, as well as an annual sighthound scientific conference. Veterinarians who participant in professional educational activities will obtain CEU credits, and have the option to be part of a consortium or network of sighthound-savvy veterinarians.

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GHI programs span from providing sighthound healthcare via a network of veterinarians who will participate in continuing sighthound-specific education (CEUs), Online diagnosis and consultation to owners and veterinarians, and setting up future blood banks and chemotherapy programs to offer life-saving assistance, to offering hope for greyhounds after career ending injuries through emergency care an orthopedic surgery. Interested in learning more about GHI’s education and sighthound healthcare or how you can help? Contact us today, or learn how you can become a member!

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