Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) can be used for a variety of medical conditions including, but not limited to:

  • protein-losing disorders
  • inflammatory diseases (endotoxemia)
  • coagulopathy
  • anticoagulant rodenticide toxicity

FFP can also be used in patients with acute pancreatitis and acute trauma patients. Plasma contains albumin, globulins, clotting proteins, and anticoagulants. Below is a chart for use of all blood products:

PRBCS Stored
plasma (SP)
Fresh frozen
plasma (FFP)
Cryo Cryopoor
Hypovolemic anemia +++ ++
Isovolemic anemia + +++
VWD +++ ++++
Hemophilia A +++ ++++
Hemophilia B +++ ++ ++++
Rhodenticide tox +++ ++ ++++
Hypoalbuminemia ++ + ++++
Liver disease ++++ ++ ++++
Pancreatitis ++++ +++ ++++
AT deficiency ++++ +++ ++++
DIC ++ + ++ ++++ ++

The Greyhound Health Initiative Blood Bank collects whole fresh blood from our pre-screened donor dogs. The whole blood is then spun in a refrigerated centrifuge immediately after collection into packed red blood cells (PRBCS) and fresh-frozen plasma (FFP) stored at -20℃ to -30℃. After one year of storage at -20℃ to -30℃, FFP is supposed to lose the labile clotting factors (V and VIII) and is referred to as stored plasma (SP) or frozen plasma (FP); however, we recently demonstrated that five-year-old FP is still hemostatically active and can be used for transfusion in dogs with coagulopathies (clotting disorders).

The GHI Blood Bank sells plasma at Buy 1 bag, get 1 free. We ship overnight on dry ice Monday through Friday. Contact one of our Blood Bank Managers for more information or to buy plasma: call 1-800-416-5156, x1 or email