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The Greyhound Health Initiative (GHI) is committed
to improving the health of sighthounds worldwide.

The Greyhound Health Initiative (GHI) is committed to improving the health of sighthound dogs worldwide through education, research, and accessibility for owners, adopters as well as veterinarians. We offer comprehensive evaluation via phone (614-664-9177), Fax (614-851-0650) or email of your patients’ records, images, cytology, biopsies, and clinical pathology data, and generation of a diagnostic and treatment plan within 48 hours.

Cytology: You can either submit your own microphotographs of cytology/blood smears (instructions for microphotography with smart phones will be provided) or submit the stained or unstained slides for evaluation by Dr. Couto. Photographs of gross lesions and other images (radiographs, ultrasonography, CT, MRI) will also be evaluated, as needed. Reports, including additional diagnostics and/or treatment recommendations will be sent within 48 hours.

Clinical Pathology: You can also submit all the pertinent information, as well as slides (blood smears, bone marrow smears, lymph node or spleen aspirates) for evaluation; pdfs of the pertinent clinicopathologic information will be reviewed. If you use a hematology analyzer that provides dotplots (cytograms), those will also be evaluated and interpreted.

Hematology: Dr. Couto will evaluate the CBC, blood smear, cytograms or dot plots (and other pertinent clinicopathologic information) and correlate the findings with those of the history, physical examination, and additional diagnostic tests.

Oncology: We will evaluate the patient’s medical records, clinicopathologic information, and results of imaging in order to generate a therapeutic plan. Chemotherapy protocols and handouts on handling of chemotherapy will also be provided. Dr. Couto will also reevaluate cytology and histopathology slides, if needed.

Transfusion Medicine: We will provide advice on blood groups, blood compatibility, and practical transfusion medicine (blood collection, component preparation, and administration) in dogs and cats. We can also assist with setting up an in-house blood donor program.

Clinical Trials: Dr. Couto has been involved with clinical trials for three decades. He will assist with clinical trial design, animal use protocols, data analysis, and manuscript writing. All this information will be confidential.

A list of greyhound- and sighthound-related publications by our group can be found here.

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